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Maine’s coast — full of inviting beaches, snug harbors, bold cliffs, sheltered bays, jagged peninsulas and tidal estuaries, runs a remarkable 3,500 miles long. Adding in our islands brings the total closer to 5,000. Protecting this diverse coastline requires the initiation and sustained efforts of a complex network of individuals, organizations, agencies and communities.

This film explores conservation efforts along this world-renowned region where the land meets the sea. The story of coastal conservation in Maine brings together fragile habitats and threatened ecosystems, astounding beauty and places for recreation, abundant (but dwindling) natural resources and the livelihoods of many people. It’s a story of inspiration, innovation and persistence. Astonishingly, less than 1% of Maine’s coast offers guaranteed public access, and many conservationists are in an upstream battle to save the precious few remaining parcels.

‘Conserving Maine’s Coast’ is available both for rent & purchase from June 26 – July 9. After site fees, filmmakers have agreed to share all rental/sale profits equally. A film rental ($6.99) will provide viewers streaming access to the film on compatible devices for 1-week after ordering. A purchase ($12) allows you to stream the film indefinitely and to download it to your device. Additionally, 6 extras are included with any full purchase. More extras are available immediately and 2 more will be released in August and September. Be sure to select “Receive Updates” when you purchase the film so that we can keep you apprised of each extra’s release.

Tickets are $6.99 and once you purchase an Online Pass you can watch the entire movie for at least 1-week.

WATCH 6/26 to 7/9

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