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Shy, funny, devout, disabled — words that describe one of the most acclaimed American short story writers of all time. Flannery O’Connor’s stories about the southern U.S. have inspired writers, artists and musicians for decades with their dark humor and ‘gothic’ sensibilities. Flannery tells the life story of a brilliant, young woman who died before she was forty through the eyes of contemporary writers and artists with cartoons, animations, never-before-seen archival footage and great music.

In the style of Ken Burns’s documentaries, Flannery uses interviews, archival footage, photographs and voice actors (Mary Steenburgen) to tell the story of her life, writings and faith in the face of racism, sexism and her struggle with lupus. Ms. O’Connor’s iconic stories are also brought to life through motion graphics, created by a team of female animators.

Online Rentals of Flannery are $10 but once you purchase a pass you can watch the entire thing for exactly 72-hours afterward.

New York Times Article About Its Award: Flannery O’Connor Documentary Wins New Award From Library of Congress

WATCH 7/17 to 11/27

OFFICIAL Trailer: Flannery

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