The Colonial Theatre is closed and offered for sale!


Belfast’s Colonial Theatre provided entertainment from its opening in the spring of 1912 through the fall of 2022 when long-time owners retired from the movie business.

This historic landmark is now offered for sale, giving new owners the privilege of shaping the Colonial’s next act.  The theatre is a turn-key operation featuring 3 auditoriums, all fully functional for cinema, with the bonus of a stage for live shows in the largest hall. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of Belfast and the world of entertainment can be yours. For more information please contact listing agent Michael Cunning of Worth Real Estate in Belfast at (207)338-5265 or (207)322-5330 | LISTING HERE

Sorry, but there won’t be any shows until the next owners re-open!


Thank you for checking in on the Colonial Theatre website.

Having been owners of the Colonial Theatre since March of 1995, the time has come for Therese and Mike to retire from the movie business. As of September 19, 2022 no shows will be offered until new owners resume operations. The new ownership is not yet firmly established…if you have an interest please contact Worth Real Estate in Belfast at (207) 338-5265.

Below is a speech Therese gave in the evening of Sunday, September 18, on the fabulous Dreamland stage as part of a Finale Celebration by Mayor Eric Sanders, Mike, and herself to commemorate the end of an era.

We offer it here for your amusement and edification.

“As we all know, life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get. Everyone wishes for a wonderful life and, even though sometimes it feels like an impossible mission, running a movie theatre is as good as it gets. As time goes by…as these 27 years have gone by…Mike and the staff and I have been so lucky to be able to use the magic of light & sound to bring adventure, romance, history, mystery and comedy to our screens for many to enjoy. It has been a beautiful life, indeed and not possible without an audience, so thank you, thank you very much. Although Mike and I will be leaving the theatre…and surely would take the cannoli were there any…we frankly, my dears, do still give a damn and say Belfast, we have no problem. Movies are a fundamental thing of life…as you have heard on the theatre recording over the years, the Colonial is located in the Heart of Belfast, and this heart will go on. And now…I bid you a warm goodnight and good luck.”

   – by Therese with movie references from Hollywood writers


Celebrating 110 Years of Entertainment in Downtown Belfast…

Since 1912 the Colonial is the Place to Go to See a Show!